First off here at Ellis Chiropractic, we are ALWAYS accepting new patients. We can most often fit you in the same day you call.

When you arrive at Ellis Chiropractic you will be greeted at the front desk with a smiling face. Our initial visit paperwork is simple and takes only a few minuets to fill out (you don’t want to have to write a novel, and honestly we don’t want to have to read one either 🙂

Here at Ellis Chiropractic you have the choice of seeing Dr. Ellis or Dr. Simpson. Our patients love both of them, and most patients enjoy seeing both of them rather than just sticking with one or the other.

Your first initial visit will consist of a detailed initial exam by one of our doctors so that they can get down to the underlying cause and course of treatment of their findings. Most often that course of treatment will consist of the following: A specific chiropractic adjustment, 10 minutes on the roller bed therapy table with heat/ice/ems (depending on the individual needs of the patient), and a 10 minute massage focusing on your specific problem by one of our licensed massage therapist.