Standard Process is a nutritional supplement company that has been in existence since 1929. They use organically grown whole foods to create their supplements.
Not all vitamin/mineral supplements are created equal. Some companies make their vitamins in a lab, using everything from coal tar or petroleum to acetylene gas and corn syrup. Their minerals basically come from rocks. For example: iron steel + sulfuric acid + ferrous sulfate, the fore of iron found in many basic supplements.
What also might surprise many, is that the synthetic vitamin may not even be the complete vitamin. Take for instance Vitamins C, or what the lab calls Ascorbic Acid. True vitamins C from whole foods has the following nutritional components: Ascorbigen, Biflavanoid complexes, Tyrosinase, P factors, K factors and J factors as well as Ascorbic Acid. Lab produced “vitamin C” is only ascorbic acid and has none of the other nutritional components of whole food vitamin C.

Standard Process makes their supplements using whole foods and contains all the cofactors and other nutrients. Our bodies recognize it as real and absorption is better, assimilation into the cells is better, and our bodies use whole food supplements to produce improved health more easily than synthetic replicas of vitamins.
Standard Process supplements can be purchased at our online store and sent to your home.
Some of the products we carry in the office. Since Standard Process carries over 300 products, we only keep the most commonly used ones on stock.