Start off with a professional consultation

You will have a consultation with Dr. Ellis to discuss your health concerns. This helps our doctor know if your condition will respond well to chiropractic care or if he will refer you to a different doctor. A good consultation will give 80% of the information needed to make an accurate diagnosis. Our doctor will then test for subtle motion abnormalities in the spine and other joints and evaluate possible muscle imbalances. These combined with orthopedic and neurological tests will help to determine the underlying problem, how best to treat it, and how to prevent it from happening again.

Things to know about your first visit

  • X-rays are not routinely taken
  • Undressing is not required
  • Same day service is available
  • Dr. Ellis can treat you on your first visit
  • Depending on your needs and preferences, our Chiropractors can use gentle techniques or more aggressive treatments.
  • If you are pregnant, you can still be treated
  • If you have had a previous spinal surgery, chiropractic may still be able to help you
  • Our staff and doctor very approachable
  • If the doctor determines that yours is not a chiropractic case, they will refer you to the appropriate health care professional.