Top Ten Myths About Chiropractic

1. Is it painful to get adjusted?

  • Most adjustments are quite comfortable. If you have ever popped your knuckles you know there is a buildup of pressure and then the mild painless popping feeling. That is what a typical adjustment feels like. However, if your joint is especially achy, it can be momentarily sore when it is adjusted. For those who need a lighter approach, at Ellis chiropractic we use many different techniques some of which are extra gentle and don’t even produce a popping in the joint.

2.Is chiropractic safe? 

  • Absolutely. 3 million dollars of malpractice coverage only costs a chiropractor $2000 a year because insurance companies know chiropractic is exceptionally safe.

3. It might be expensive/ it isn’t covered by insurance?

  • Most insurances cover chiropractic, however some plans don’t. Call your insurance to see. But even if you have no insurance most visits to our office cost around $50. Most people require a few treatments to completely recover, but the average patient’s case is less than $400. 

4. Once you go to the chiropractor you go for the rest of you life?

  •  O.k…NOT TRUE. I think some people imagine that chiropractors do something that changes the spine in some way so that continued treatment is somehow required. This just isn’t the case, let me explain… Once people are out of pain many will stop getting care and that is fine, others want to continue treatments until the spine returns to full flexibility and function. Like oil for a rusty hinge chiropractic care restores proper flexibility and motion to locked-up joints. If you like the benefits of chiropractic care you may choose to continue occasional adjustments to keep your spine flexible and healthy; in the same way people go to a dentist and then choose to get regular cleanings and checkups to keep their teeth optimally healthy. Both continued chiropractic and dental care are great for maintaining a healthy body, but neither cause dependency.

5. Chiropractic doesn’t really work?

  • The Canadian government funded a study that evaluated all the research on the planet for treating low back pain. The researchers concluded that only chiropractic and Nsaids had enough quality research to support their effectiveness. Chiropractic has a high rate of success in the conditions we treat from headaches, to bulged discs and more. 

6. Chiropractors aren’t well educated?

  • Chiropractors are highly educated. They typically have 8 years of college education leading to a doctorate degree. A year of human anatomy. They are trained in nutrition, human physiology, neurology, physical diagnosis, and 2 years of radiology (x-ray and MRI reading) etc. In total the hours are equal to med school. 

7.What is that popping sound? Something must be breaking!

  • Nothing is breaking. The popping sound you hear during an adjustment is simply bubbles of gas forming from the synovial fluid in the joint. In 20 minutes the bubbles dissolve back into the fluid. The same thing happens when you “crack”your knuckles. This is very similar to what happens when you open a can of pop and bubbles form and you hear a popping sound. Perfectly normal!

8.But I think my problem is just the muscles? 

  • When you kick in a wall, you mess up the sheet rock and the paint. Whether it was postural strain or an injury causing your problem, your joints lock up and you get cramped knotted muscles. It is almost always both, that is why we use adjustments for the joints and for only another $5-10, one of our 5 licensed massage therapists will give a focused massage. The two work hand in hand.

9.Chiropractic is just for the spine?

  • Chiropractors can treat most any joint in the body including shoulders, hips, knees, wrists and even the TMJ (jaw).

10. What about pregnant mothers or children?

  • 50% of pregnant women have back and pelvic pain. Many assume they can’t go to the chiropractor until after the baby is born. Actually we have special tables and techniques that can accommodate a woman even in the final month. Chiropractic not only can relieve spinal discomfort of pregnancy, but also can make the pelvis more flexible so the delivery is easier and in some cases help prevent a C section. Chiropractors have very gentle techniques that allow us to adjust babies even just one day old. Why would a newborn need chiropractic care? The birthing process can be quite traumatic and can cause joints to kink, even in a flexible new born baby. To learn more see our website ( under the heading “chiropractic and infantile colic” in the section labeled chiropractic services.