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Can you handle it? Actually I know you can!!!

I hope that all of you are having a great holiday season. It is the time of year that Grandma breaks out the secret recipes for her rolls and holiday treats that have been passed down for generations once again start to make their way back to our kitchen tables. i don’t know about you, but my belt line seems to expand along with the ever ending express of Christmas cookies. Somehow it always coincides with my lost gym bag exiled to the back of the closet with the swimming suits and the summer clothes. This year I am trying to keep my weight and more importantly my health in check. Going to the gym is not about getting that washboard stomach and 1.2% body fat, it is about the the healthy lifestyle that comes along with it.

Now i know exactly what some of you are thinking right now, and that is you HATE the gym. I was one of those people and it took me a long time to get to the point where i was comfortable going to the gym. When i first started going to the gym, i was newly married and my amazing wife definitely kept me well fed. I’m taking freshman 55 (fed)….. Needless to say i felt very uncomfortable at the gym. I felt like everyone was judging the fat guy in the hoody, hoping that the baggy clothes hide his big gut. But nothing in life that was ever worth doing is comfortable, life is about getting out of our little safety bubble. As time passed and i kept dragging my fat butt to the gym i started to realize something, and that was all the ideas of people judging me was actually me judging myself. That was my biggest obstacle to overcome and in most cases it will be yours.

I want you to know that you do have a support team, as soon as you overcome unreal expectations like that washboard stomach, that j-lo booty, or the Arnold muscles, you will start to notice little changes that have been happening the whole time. You are your biggest fan, your biggest motivator. Now this is easier said than done believe me i know. There are so many benefits that you get besides the weight loss that happen to your body when you start to develop a healthy lifestyle. You develop better cardio vascular health, you have more energy, your blood pressure drops, and you just feel better. Exercise improves oxygen flow to the brain. It also helps the body release hormones that assist in brain cell growth. Additionally, it helps the brain with both learning and memory capabilities. Exercise releases endorphins in you body helping with mood and over all self esteem.

Now do you need a gym to be healthy, the answer is NO. But that being said, it is easier to get motivated by having other individuals going thru same thing that you are going thru. You can develop a bond with those individuals thru your struggles and that is why Ellis Chiropractic is sponsoring the 12 week challenge at Rise Fitness. Help yourself and other attain your goals, all while having a great time, getting healthy, and who knows maybe you can take home some $$$$ 🙂

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